adidas is a company I will never outgrow,
so completely have they captured my sole. 

This childhood love story begins with a lowercase letter.

Benjamin Roy

adidas 1.jpg

adidas was one of my first clients. Our team at Carat, under the

leadership of Mike Yapp (current Director of the ZOO, at Google) was

happily immersed both in the real and mythological

chapters of this storied brand. 

I had been wearing adidas without laces since I was nine 

to look more like Jam Master Jay. Granted, a few gold chains would have strengthened the connection, but I was on a missing shoestring 

budget, and those chains would have to wait. 

adidas 3.jpg
adidas run 1.jpg
adidas run 2.png

None of the campaigns you see here (Originals, Running,

Impossible is Nothing, Stella McCartney, Myspace) felt like work.

For inspiration, I tied Originals to my childhood, Running to the angel

on my left shoulder, and anything involving David Beckham to

his interview with Ali G.

  • adidas was one of two companies whose custom pages were researched by MySpace owner Fox Interactive Media—involving case studies from two Carat clients, adidas and Electronic Arts.   - AdAge


  • Run DMC has been pivotal in the global awareness of adidas brand. More intimately, Rev Run, DMC and Jam Master Jay were influential in making the adidas Superstar a cultural phenomenon.   - Complex


  • The following work, created by Blane Fraser for Happy, South Africa, shows the evolution of the adidas originals campaign.    


  • The following work, created by Made Thought, London, shows the evolution of the adidas Stella McCartney campaign.