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 Based on a true and actual report by @james.kirkham for Complex magazine, featuring @jesshart and the Mclaren 600LT. Photography by Ryan Davis @yaer_one.






The most common question, bar none. “Why do you drive race cars?”

A single sticker on my laptop sums it up soundly: Racing Ruined My Life.

Like ice to an addict, I’m addicted to risking my life, and the feeling I get when I do. (Which is daily, unless I’m flying.)


It runs point through every major life decision, and provided catalyst

for two automotive media companies—Donut Media and Race Service.  


Last week, McLaren shipped us a couple 600LTs—one to Los Angeles,
one to NYC. This was supremely convenient as my girl Jess Hart lives in Gramercy Park, but let’s start with the McLarens. The 600LT is McLaren's most powerful somehow legal Sports Series ever. Brashness and brevity, light and dark, driven and unrestrained. 

With nothing but free time and one of the slipperiest cars

on the planet, we tapped automotive image maker Ryan Davis, sine qua non for such an adventure, and hit the streets. 

The major difference about driving a Mclaren in New York

versus LA is that people in NYC are f*cking stoked to see a supercar. It lights a fire you wouldn’t believe.  


In all fairness, Jess may have had something to do with it.

Cloaked in a bright pink 80’s-inspired tracksuit, the Victoria’s Secret was out. Credit where credit is do. 


And this was a rare case where photos do justice. Citizens

frame nearly every frame, indicating the kinesthetic learning experience this actually was.


Can you feel it?


To me, the only cars that matter are fast cars.


Purpose built, light, nimble and strong. Lower, louder, hotter—the more impractical the better! Harder to get in and harder to drive. Hell, they can leave out the stereo if it makes it faster. In line with this edict, the Mclaren 600LT may be my most perfect imperfect car. Enjoy a cup of coffee on the way to work?

Now you can enjoy it in your lap! 

Supermodel and supercar?


Stop it. Wherever we did—we’d be surrounded in seconds by people asking questions, having conversations, taking photos, giving props. All day, and all of the night. (We parked on the street.) During one brief stop in ChinaTown, a flash mob of every race and color formed a ring.


I know how they feel. 


Granted, this may not be everyone’s spilled cup of tea.

I get it. But let’s be real for a minute, beyond fast, supercars

are good at looking good, which means we feel good when

we drive them. Whether behind the wheel, strapped in the passenger seat, or spinning like a top to catch a quick glance as it passes by ... the 600LT is bound to evoke feelings.




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