When Coors Light says they want Virtual Reality, 

we light the stadium and play ball.

Kitted, fitted and listening to the unmistakable soundtrack of 50,000 adoring fans.

Benjamin Roy

Imagine there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. You’re kitted, fitted and listening to the unmistakable soundtrack of 50,000 adoring fans. That’s what every Trojan feels before entering USC's Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. In this commercial—a battle is about to take place, the only caveats being that these sworn enemies are childhood friends, and those white flags don’t mean surrender, they mean it's on. Danger, glory and cold-filtered bragging rights are theirs for the taking. No one, anywhere, can get you closer than this.

Director: Tom Kranzle

Writer: Benjamin Roy

Produced by: Venture Visuals


“Welcome to once-in-a-lifetime match-up here at USC’s Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.”

“There’s been a lot of attention on this group and if you ask me, it’s all warranted.”


The First Play

“Red may blitz here… This is a gamble.”

“Our QB’s looking for protection and not getting it. Red is in early, but still too late.”

“Wow. That ball is on target. First down to 14, and that’s not all…” 

“That ball was a laser. Right into the defense.”

“Nice little move off the pivot.”

“He feels pressure / AND he is caught.”

“Grey 14 just put his man on roller skates… Is that Reggie out there?“

“Breaks one tackle, rolls left / nearly breaks two…”

“Short completion, but that’s exactly what he needed to do.”

“And with that, the grey team has grabbed the lead.”


The Second Play

“They’re setting up a 490, which is magic when it works…”

“We’re gonna look for those lanes to split and that 2-back to become the tail.”

“Watch how the QB works this pocket. 

“Fourth and 13 now / QB fires / He’s got a man deep over the middle and, caught…”


“It is a great day here at USC.”

“Over the shoulder, over Red 9, and “it” is over.”

“Outta nowhere he plucked that pass! “And that, is how it’s done.” 

“26 yards and a TD for this young stunner here at USC.”

“You saw that receiver own that slot. He’s knows that zone, and he receives it.”


In Between Plays (Setting Up)

“We’re about to begin an overtime period that will continue until a winner is determined.”

“That was a 10-plus yard scamper straight up the gut for that young man.”

“Now from the Red 40 / ball’s on the near hash...”

“They’re setting in motion, then resetting. Left slot.” 

“They’re going for it. They’re going.”

“Now it’s time to see what this defense can do.”

“QB backs up / looks… He sees something.”

“He is not getting caught today.”

“Only one thing they’re thinking right now: Get back out there and get to work!”

Razzle Dazzle*

*Announcer views the action on-screen and improv’s the VO. Smack talking 

and general pre-game and post-game commentary is welcomed and advised.




“These guys had to believe this was possible.”

“Devastation on one side. Celebration on the other.”

“This one’s going down in the history books, folks.”

“They’ll be talking about this one for years and years.” 



“The ball comes out, and they’re calling that down. That looked like a fumble.”

“Play action fake / the QB has his man / Touchdown here at USC.”

“They’re dipping into the bag of tricks early, here at USC.” 

“We saw some contact, but it wasn’t much…”

“Couple a these guys are making USC look like a dance floor.”

“Bruhhhh… You gotta Hustle! Get that flag!”

“Red has got to answer..”

“A perfect throw.”

“And the catch of the year? May-be.”



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