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Episode 1

Creating a brand platform for the Creator’s Project, 
a joint venture with Vice. 

Controlling 73% of the U.S. market, Intel was done being labeled an ingredient brand.

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Benjamin Roy

Creative Director
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In 2008, Intel wanted to be Nike. Don’t we all. And guess what? Hiring a professional athlete to hold a computer wasn’t going to cut it. At this critical juncture, I proposed a campaign and wrote a manifesto capable of positioning the company—not only as leaders in innovation (See also: Moore’s Law), but as champions of innovation globally. 

This was a radical departure, and provided the company it’s first legitimate foothold among global youth. The response from Intel’s decision makers was immediate and absolute. They said we’d found their voice. 60 days later,

Intel named Razorfish their Digital Agency of Record and launched the Creators Project with Vice. 


Intel, a name synonymous with innovation, is ideally positioned to celebrate innovators—those who push the envelope and change the script by tearing out pages they never believed in to begin with. People who trust in technology, hope in progress, and know instinctively there must be a better way.

They learn as a way of life, and live to make a difference.


Why not salute them? We are them.

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The Case Study*


Increase Intel’s relevance among global youth. As an ingredient brand,

Intel struggle to be seen as relevant and need to build their own emotional connection with young consumers.


As a platform, the Creators Project supports artists across multiple disciplines who use technology in innovative ways to push the boundaries

of creative expression. 


Since launching, the Creators Project 250 million video views and more

than 50 million unique visitors. The events have attracted more than 720,000 attendees overall, and won critical acclaim from hundreds of international news outlets. 

*Provided by Vice Media, Inc. 

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“Intel reinvents cool with the Creators Project.”- Forbes 

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“The Creators Project is all in the service of scrambling the senses and blowing minds.”

- New York Times 

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“A seemingly unlikely collaboration between blue-chip tech giant Intel and Brooklyn-based

indie-culture magazine Vice.”
- Ad Age

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