Directing an eBay short about friends of a common feather, and several hundred students ready to fly.

eBay’s annual intern conference is called Connected from the Start. 

Benjamin Roy

For a select group of college grads hailing from seven continents, this eBay intern convention was their first taste of the organized mayhem that is Silicon Valley, where ideas are currency and millions are made and lost every night. In service to this film, produced in partnership with @veracitycolab, we captured dancing, diversity, creative brainstorms, friends of a common feather and several hundred students ready to fly.

Notes from the Director's Chair

This eBay internship is something those who participate will be talking

about for the next calendar year, and this weekend is the banger. It’s also

the closest some of these whiz kids will ever get to Burning Man.


This is California, mind you. Just like the 60’s, plus Wi-Fi. 


Now let’s talk real life. The next four days will be 95% tame. But we’re

going to focus a full 75% of our attention on the not-so-tame. Let your lens follow the energy. Low energy? Cut it off quick and go somewhere else.

Don’t worry about people’s feelings. We don’t need to overshoot. We

need to get loose. Technically speaking, our team is perfect. So make no compromises, especially when it comes to covering what the eBay

leadership is doing on stage. We can plug into the event soundboard direct to eliminate room sound.


Pretend Steve Jobs has returned from the grave to announce the iPhone 12, and it’s invisible. Make it that good. 


However, “perfect” will not make a documentary with a heartbeat, and

that’s precisely what we’re aiming to do. So for anything off the main stage—take chances, get closer than you feel comfortable, get creative with your framing, run & gun, throw curveballs, shoot from the hip and watch

the magic unfold.



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