ESPN gave Capital One the chance to sponsor

the Olympics of D1 college sports.  

Launching a new field of play known as the Capital One Cup.

Benjamin Roy

The Capital One Cup is awarded each year to the nation's top men's and women's NCAA Division I athletics programs. The winners are determined by a system that grants points to Top 10 finishes in NCAA Division I championships, and in final coaches' polls across 21 women's and 20 men's sports. But before it could be awarded, in need a campaign. 
I spent a year working with a killer team on Capital One. Twelve months of vikings and voodoo dolls, flying crabs, college students (no relation), online checking, Ben Stiller’s ubiquitous pop and an undeniably attractive Alec Baldwin—but was this ESPN partnership that proved to be 
the most fun. 
In the following slides, you’ll see how we captured the spirit of D1 athletics, pitched like MLB champions and stole the show. And not for nothing, all the aforementioned work we won at 
the agency came on the heels of this.

Love The Game

There’s something about winning that warms the heart, and something about losing that gives us a new place to begin, but at the end of the day—it comes down to the moments that bind us together, the love of the game. 
This concept is based around the joy inherent in college sports. Athletes performing in the prime of their lives—without ego, without injury, without a second thought. Anticipation is the central theme.

Let's Play

Let’s Play starts with the voice of a child, on a Saturday morning, on summer break—but quickly transitions to, “What am I fighting for?” “Why do I play?” Questions we ask ourselves daily. 
This concept begins with the innocence of youth, the deepness of feeling, and the certainty that anything is possible. Our dreams and gifts are the currency we bring. But it gives way to hunger, motivation—where the parent stops protecting, and the new adult is born. Potential is the central theme.



Three seasons. Three tiers. Thirteen different sports. Teams in the hundreds. There’s never been anything like it in college sports and this time—everyone’s involved. This concept is based on the insight that schools in the running for the Cup will be united like never before. 
Not to mention former students, extended family and half the population of the twenty-seven towns nearby. We believe the atmosphere within college campuses will palpably change. Unity is the central theme.




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