Helping the Two-Time Heavyweight Boxing 
Champion stay light on his feet.

George Foreman sold 100 million grills. Think you can top that?

Benjamin Roy

“My name is George Foreman. But you know who I am. Let’s talk about who you are. If you’re over 40, have knee pain, or you’re big like me, then I made something you’re gonna love. Shoes!”

George Foreman is one seriously happy heavyweight! Not long ago, he approached The Walking Company about a project designed set people free. George Foreman Footwear featuring SMARTsystem® is the result. In his own words, “There’s a whole lotta science behind it, I just know my knees feel good.” He's currently promoting his comfy signature line on the second season of Better Late than Never, available on NBC.
Here’s the thing about George, he knows the American people. Would he use the word ‘Osteoarthritis’? No, he would not. And so he didn’t, much to the chagrin of a client who had sponsored said research to make very certain claims. Instead, over the course of a single evening, I listened to what George would say. 


The George Foreman Collections features SMARTsystem, developed and tested at Stanford University to significantly reduce the negative impacts of osteoarthritis.
Director: Tom Kranzle
Produced by Venture Visuals



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