Ghostwriting a book for Google with two gregarious
SMB Global Directors. 

The Small Think Big Book. How Small Business are using the Web to WIn. 

Benjamin Roy


Authors: Arjan Dijk + Sandeep Menon

Produced by Google

From the Foreword

“The emergence of tools and services that make it simple 

and inexpensive to establish a meaningful web presence has been

one of the most important developments

of the last decade.”

“With the proliferation of online marketing tools and channels,

and the dizzying pace of innovation, marketers will find many valuable lessons here to help them face the challenges of the digital age.”

“The Small Think Big Book: How Small Businesses Are Using The Web

to Win captures the essence of these trends in a very accessible format.”

Matt Blumberg

Excerpt from Chapter 1

Imagine you’re reading this book on an iPad 2. For some of you, iPad 2

owners in particular, this will be an easier task. Not only is that tablet faster

than it’s immediate predecessor by a factor of ten, it rivals the speed of the fastest supercomputer from twenty years ago.


Stepping down a single form factor, today’s smartphone has behind it’s

dazzling display more computing power than NASA had when they landed

a man on the moon.


Had Neil Armstrong been given a choice between a Samsung Galaxy and

the support of the Kennedy Space Center, his decision would likely have remained the same, but this book is not about his journey—and that

would depend entirely on his wireless coverage.

Since we’re on the topic of speed, here’s a few more thoughts to consider.

One, speed is your friend, and two, speed is more about your customers,

and the increasing level of access they have to you.

  • By 2020 we will be connecting at speeds of 1GB per second. 

       That’s 500 times faster than current speeds in the US.

  • Countries like South Korea, Lithuania and Latvia top the rankings 

       in world broadband speed. The US doesn’t make it into the top 10. 


  • Google’s Lady Gaga Chrome ad helped attract more than 200

       million browser downloads, and was created in less than a week.

Exciting, no?


And not for nothing, but if your next campaign underperforms for  

lack of black rubber—don’t say we didn’t warn you.