We let a pack of rabid cyclists loose on the streets 
of Los Angeles at night. 

This film was used to launch Liv’s 2019 brand campaign, “We Go Higher”.

Benjamin Roy


Documentary filmmaking is an observational art. We craft stories

by listening, reacting to real events and whenever possible, making

the camera disappear. While a level of excellence in can be achieved

with this premise, the emphasis remains on the subject. Our goal is 

not that viewers remember us—or even our style, but that they

walk away thinking, or walk away changed.

As lead production partner for Liv Cycling, Venture Visuals is committed

to helping this evolving brand celebrate, motivate and share. Our storytelling begins with real women in mind—whether it’s a friendly trip to the farmer’s market or the blood, sweat and gears of race day. Our approach is visceral. This is about more than a bicycle—it’s about a common bond.


By the moment, never the book. We go higher. Two wheels, one vision.

We fly solo.  When the sky beckons us forth. We get there faster. The sound barrier, music to our ears. We go farther. Connected. Undetected. Our battle is one. We rally. We fight. Heads down, geared up. Cascading through

forests, through a portal marked by long, sinewy yellow lines. 

We push through. This is how we Liv. 

Benjamin Roy | Director, Los Angeles

Tom Kranzle | Director, Seattle