Helping foster children transition to adulthood

with First Place for Youth.

This commercial was made possible by a generous grant from Super Bowl 50.

Benjamin Roy

Creative Director

Adam Warmington (Director) and Benjamin Roy (Writer, CD) collaborated on this piece for First Place for Youth, an organization aimed at helping foster youth transition to adulthood. It was made possible by a generous grant from Super Bowl 50.

Pre-interviews were conducted with each of the celebrities featured here. As you might imagine, everyone’s coming-of-age story was different, and yet connecting threads emerged. The research we conducted prior to production (in three locations across the U.S.) ensured nothing was left to chance. Our job as was to ask the right questions, create the right space—then humbly get out of the way.  

Eighteen is a defining moment in everyone’s life, but for foster youth who are too young to be on their own—it’s monumental. With the right guidance and support, they can defy the odds stacked against them. That is the mission of First Place for Youth. 

Director: Adam Warmington

Creative Director: Benjamin Roy