Ocean Beach, California is always difficult. On its best days, it’s harmful to your health.

Ashton Goggans, saltwater aficionado and Editor in Chief at Surfer magazine, presides.

Benjamin Roy

This project began with a request by apple for footage of a single epic wave, with lots of less usable footage that you might skim past (using a new iMovie editing feature) to locate the money shot. They ended up selecting a clip from Tahiti, but I digress. 


Ashton Goggans, Ocean Beach local and Editor in Chief at Surfer signed on for what would be the best and worst day at this marvelous beach—15 to 20’ faces, perfect wind, and unending walls of whitewater blocking passage to the outer bar. And yet this misery, mixed with the chance to snag the wave of your life, is what puts San Francisco on the map. 


In the end, this film is about that. Cold hard truths. OB is merciless in the most spectacular way. 30-minute paddle outs are standard. Quarter-mile rip currents, standard. Walking a mile back to your car, expected. If you’ve ever wanted to experience giant waves peaking at random in frigid water, this is what it feels like. 


Featuring: Ashton Goggans

Produced by Qualifier Films





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